About the Mead Boyz

This is the story of the Mead Boyz – a story about some kitebuggy enthusiasts in the southern part of Norway. 

 Mead Boyz was most active in the years 2001 to 2004, but many of the members has been interrested in buggying and kite flying in general both before and after these years. It was never an official club and wasn’t really ment to be either. The main purpose was to have sort of a commond groud, mainly on the Internet with a website and some videos.

Since the Mead Boyz never was organized in any major way, there were therefore not any real members. There were a core of four more dedicated people though.

Nowadays there isn’t much activity to show for unfortunately – but I still have my Libre Truck somewhere 🙂

Please let me know what you think of www.meadboyz.com 🙂

About this website

This website is dedicated to all the people that was part of Mead Boyz and those who tagged along from time to time. It serves as a place to store all the pictures and videos about the good times of the past 🙂

Please have a look in the Galleries and the Archive for our videos and picture galleries! Some of the picture galleries are pre-Mead Boyz-era, but these are included as well since it is mostly the same people anyway 🙂

Please also note you can find the same pictures and videos in the both the Galleries and the Archive. While the Archive will display the pictures and videos in a standard layout, the Galleries may change layout as I fiddle with the design opportunities to find out what’s possible to do! 🙂


Lars Erik


Ryan (Air)


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